Helping individuals and couples live fully and
experience healthy intimacy in their relationships.

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It’s never too late to live the life you want.

When you’re hurting, nothing makes sense. Some days it may feel like things will never change. You may have even stopped trying. But would you believe it’s the very pain you’re going through that will help lead the way? Pain is your heart asking for help. And what your heart wants more than anything is to feel love – the kind of closeness and connection with yourself and others that gives life meaning.

Start the connection.

At the Connection Therapy Group, we are devoted to helping you fight for the life, the love and the relationships you want. Led by Dr. Michael Christian, we are people helping people. Our counselors are well known – even by other specialists across Middle Tennessee – for their unique ability to help individuals, couples and families live fully and experience healthy intimacy in their relationships. We call our approach Whole Heart Therapy, and it’s rooted in our belief that within every person is the perfect map of who they really are and the life they want to live.

Even the smallest change can ignite hope.

If you are hurting, the Connection Therapy Group offers real help and counseling. We’ll be your partner, cheerleader, and personal guide to lasting recovery.

Counseling Services

In addition to treating depression, anxiety and the stress of chronic illness, we are committed to:

  • Individuals and couples in crisis
  • Men, women, and couples with sexual dysfunctions
  • Men and women who struggle with sexual addiction

Even the smallest change can ignite hope. And you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready.

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