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Connection Therapy Group Counseling Services

Authentic engagement to help you go deeper.

The Connection Therapy Group offers unique programs to help you succeed during pivotal times. For 20 plus years, our team has helped individuals, couples and families create the space necessary to strengthen critical skills, change outcomes, and get things done. Our services include:

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Helping people connect to the richness of their experience

The most powerful keynote addresses capture the unique dynamics of your organization at a distinct point intime. To be effective, they must often resonate with diverse audiences. The best keynotes also speak to past,present and future in a way that is immediate and timeless, authentic and of the cultural moment.

Dr. Michael Christian can deliver your organization’s keynote address or help your keynote speaker develop amessage to remember. In either scenario, Dr. Christian will consult closely with your most important stakeholdersto deliver services tailored to your organization and event, including:

  • Corporate, civic and faith-based groups
  • Professional, community and lay audiences
  • Conferences, recognition programs and donor events
  • And many more

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Elevate your effectiveness.

Every decision you make matters. Growing your company or division in a responsible, sustainable way. Meeting the rapidly changing technological and workforce demands of your company and industry. Leading through key corporate pivots, such as strategy shifts, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, even layoffs.

Dr. Michael Christian will work with you to consistently craft solutions that are simple, functional and highly effective in such areas as:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Mastering the art of delegation
  • Being an effective executive sponsor for key initiatives

Dr. Christian can also help you stay current with new standards for employee engagement, social listening and the implications of a growing Millennial workforce.

• Achieve peak performance during accelerated change:615.604.6853


Take a deeper dive.

Our everyday lives are filled with distractions, triggers – even objects – that can make us feel stuck. Workshops present a truly unique opportunity to step away from your daily routine and devote dedicated time and space to specialized learning and problem-solving.

At the Connection Therapy Group, our workshops offer carefully developed agendas, objectives, and materials catered to the specific needs of your group. They include:

  • men’s intensive
  • spouse/partner’s intensive
  • intimate marriage
  • corporate/religious group workshops

Workshops increase your ability to work more efficiently, relate to one another more naturally, and to unite rather than divide when things get tough.

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Jumpstart your recovery.

Some situations call for a different approach. If what you’re going through has reached a crisis point, contact the Connection Therapy Group today to schedule an intensive. Intensives are therapy sessions that may last several hours, an entire day or even many days.

Many people schedule intensives who desire to address issues in a shorter period of time to jumpstart recovery. Our team will work with you to get a lot done in a short period of time. An intensive could be exactly what’s needed to keep you safe, stabilize your relationship or interrupt a painful chain of events that might occur if you waited until your next weekly counseling session.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, relationship problems, compulsive sexual behavior, a chronic illness, or other problems, the Connection Therapy Group offers intensives for the following:

  • individuals
  • couples
  • families
  • groups

Specialized help when you need it most: 615.604.6853


Seek guidance from a true mentor.

Are you seeking state license as a Professional Counselor? Do you need supervision as someone seeking certification as a certified sex addiction therapist?, Dr. Michael Christian is a state-approved supervisor for Licensed Professional Counselors. He is a supervisor with the Patrick Carnes organization and works with CSAT candidates who are working toward certification. Dr. Christian is also a board-certified national counselor. Together, you’ll explore key questions:

  • What are your career goals?
  • What theories do you want to deepen or master?
  • Are you looking for a unique relational style?

Could you get some quotes from those you’ve supervised? That would make for great content

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The best mentors make themselves obsolete.

At any given moment, our lives reflect the person we are and the one we want to be. Mentoring can offer a more direct pathway to your best self. Whether you want to address professional topics, personal or both, the key is finding a mentor you can trust.

Dr. Michael Christian is committed to helping you navigate your decision points with strength and clarity. Using a strengths-based approach, Dr. Christian will help you:·

  • Understand what brings you to the mentoring relationship
  • Multiply the power of what you do well
  • Minimize the risks presented by your challenge areas

Dr. Christian’s mentoring is marked by authenticity and a deep commitment to your growth. Together, you’ll determine the frequency and duration of your mentoring relationship as current challenges are met and new ones emerge.

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Each day is a window into who your child will become.

Between the demands of school and soccer practice, homework and family commitments are those moments. You know the ones. Whether small or significant, they can trigger your greatest hopes and anxieties as a parent: please let me get this right.

The Connection Therapy Group can help. Dr. Christian will partner with you on parenthood’s most delicate dance: how to stay deeply engaged while fostering the self-sufficiency your kids need to be successful adults. Our approach includes:

  • Strengthening your skills as a parent
  • Addressing problematic behaviors
  • Capitalizing on key “growth moments”
  • Working toward developing securely attached children

The end goal is to help raise a child who knows who they are, who practices empathy and feels connected to their community.

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