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Hope helps all things rise.

At the Connection Therapy Group, we specialize in hope – no matter what the circumstance. We’ve helped people held prisoner by depression, trauma, sexual addiction, and many other issues. We’ve helped relationships that seemed broken beyond repair. We’ve even helped people who had willfully given up on the possibility of a better life.

How do we do it? By working with you to tackle even the most difficult situations with optimism and hope. Our promise is a treatment design that fits your needs and goals. A real counseling plan that changes with you as you move through the healing process. In addition, we offer an opportunity to help you live fully and stop just surviving.

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Real help today for…

  • Crisis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sexual behaviors and dysfunctions
  • Chronic illness
  • Trauma
  • Substance abuse
  • Other life challenges


It’s time to take your life back.

Life hands us two kinds of challenges: those we create and those we’re handed without our permission or control. Pain is what they share in common and the more it grows, the harder it is to imagine a life without it. Maybe you’re living a family history that makes it hard to trust or are suffering from depression or anxiety that makes life feel like an uphill battle. Maybe trauma, loss, chronic illness or a powerful addiction has turned your life upside down.

At the Connection Therapy Group, our specialists are inspired by one belief: you are not your pain. In fact, we refuse to define you by our problem. If you’re struggling with change, we help you uncover your innate strengths and face any challenge.

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Remember how good it felt to feel good together.

Within every relationship are three distinct worlds – your world, your partner’s world, and the world you’ve created together. Children add a fourth dimension. Each one needs careful tending and life doesn’t make it easy. Add to that a relationship “trauma” or even constant fighting and things can start to feel unmanageable. But there is hope.

At the Connection Therapy Group, our committed specialists help you tackle the “it” that’s between you – whether it’s sexual addiction, a pattern of cheating, financial problems, or a lack of intimacy. Together, we’ll explore how your unique and combined behaviors dictate how you communicate, relate, and respond to challenges. No matter what the issue, we work with you to find strategies for long-term forgiveness and deeper intimacy.

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Sex addiction hurts two people: the person who is addicted and those loved ones who live with the aching question: Why? The truth is, both of you are living life in the shadows. Both of you are suffering. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Connections Therapy Group, we truly are specialists in healing the hurts of sexual addiction. Whether the issue is pornography, infidelity or something else, we treat the behavior and the need for real intimacy that’s buried beneath it. Coping partners, you’ll find support too for this journey you never thought you’d be on. No judgment. Just pure understanding and real help.

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Stop hurting alone and start healing together.

Pain tricks us into thinking we’re alone – that no one could possibly understand what we’re going through. So, we stick to ourselves and often isolate. All the while, there are people out there who are hurting the same way we do. These friends in waiting can help us in ways we never thought possible.

At the Connection Therapy Group, there is hope and healing within the safety of our groups. Judgment free, you’ll meet people who are struggling with the effects of compulsive sexual behaviors, co-dependency or illness, and other issues. Other groups help individuals and couples deepen their relationships with themselves and others. The group experience offers you the opportunity to find support, accountability, and an environment where you can live in consultation with others.

  • men
  • women
  • couples
  • chronic illness

Being in a group helps you release the pain, shame, and fear that makes your problems even harder. The first time you hear someone share the exact struggles, thoughts, and feelings that you’ve experienced, you will never be the same.

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Jumpstart your recovery.

Some situations call for a different approach. If what you’re going through has reached a crisis point, contact the Connection Therapy Group today to schedule an intensive. Intensives are therapy sessions that may last several hours, an entire day or even many days.

Many people schedule intensives who desire to address issues in a shorter period of time to jumpstart recovery. Our team will work with you to get a lot done in a short period of time. An intensive could be exactly what’s needed to keep you safe, stabilize your relationship or interrupt a painful chain of events that might occur if you waited until your next weekly counseling session.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, relationship problems, compulsive sexual behavior, a chronic illness, or other problems, the Connection Therapy Group offers intensives for the following:

  • individual counseling
  • couples counseling
  • family counseling
  • group counseling

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Take a deeper dive.

Our everyday lives are filled with distractions, triggers – even objects – that can make us feel stuck. Workshops present a truly unique opportunity to step away from your daily routine and devote dedicated time and space to specialized learning and problem-solving.

At the Connection Therapy Group, our workshops offer carefully developed agendas, objectives, and materials catered to the specific needs of your group. They include:

  • men’s intensive
  • spouse/partner’s intensive
  • intimate marriage
  • corporate/religious group workshops

Workshops increase your ability to work more efficiently, relate to one another more naturally, and to unite rather than divide when things get tough.

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