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Am I Married to a Sex Addict? What Do I Do?

“I think my husband may be a sex addict.”

“I think my wife is sleeping with other men – lots of other men.”

Unfortunately, I’ve heard these words hundreds of times and it always makes me sad. If you think your partner may be a sex addict, I know it’s sad for you too. I have sat with women and men who have shared your pain and heartbreak, and we both know it’s real. Your pain is real – and justified. You may feel hopeless and overwhelmed right now…but there is hope.

I have started working with couples who felt nothing but pain and anger for each other, and I’ve brought them back from the brink to a place of peace and love. I can help you too.

The Reality
Before the first step of recovery happens, I will tell you these five things:

#1 You are not alone
#2 Sexual addiction is real
#3 Sexual addiction is really an intimacy disorder
#4 Men and women alike struggle with unhealthy compulsive sexual behaviors and…
#5 There is HOPE!

I am convinced there is HOPE. I have watched countless men and women begin my program of therapy and recovery and experience lasting life change! Understanding you are not alone – that you have people who will not judge you and who truly care about you – is the key. And I have yet to meet a single person who regretted taking that first step. Every single one of us has been faced with a pain we thought we’d never get over. But we did! Today, in one way or another, we’re all looking back on at least one devastating problem that is now a part of our past.

What to Do
If you are reading this article and feeling stunned, hurt and uncertain about your partner’s sexual addiction, start taking these steps today:

1. Reach out to a trusted friend and an experienced professional because this is not something you need to go through alone. Don’t wait to make that call!

2. Do not accept the blame for your spouse’s behaviors. Regardless of what they tell you, their unhealthy compulsive behaviors are not your fault. Behavior that becomes compulsive and addictive in nature begins as a choice.

3. Encourage your spouse to see a professional as soon as possible to determine if a sexual addiction is present and take the recommended steps toward healing.

Recovery and healing aren’t easy; they don’t happen overnight. But we’re here for you – both of you.

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